Get help with your data science & machine learning programming homework in Python, R or Java – Classification, Regression, SVM, NumPy, Sci-kit, TensorFlow.

Data Science & Machine Learning courses are in hot demand, and corresponding skills are fetching the top dollars in the industry today. Thus, it is imperative that you will need help with your data science or machine learning programming assignment, sooner or later.

Q: How many machine learning specialists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one, but they require a million light bulbs to train properly.

– via StackOverflow

progrmr can help you with your data science programming assignments in Python, R or Java, and your machine learning assignments in Python using NumPy, Sci-kit or TensorFlow. We also create organic data models for classification, regression and covariance analysis, from the scratch, without using any external library algorithms. Be it Iris dataset, or number classification, progrmr is always here to help you.

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