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How Does it Work?

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We routinely help graduate/post-gradate students, and even doctoral candidates with various projects, assignments, tools & utilities required in their academic pursuits of top grades, coded using various Languages & Technologies.

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#progrmr Experts

Industry Professionals and Veteran Educators


The Suit
Industry Professional

He has over 16 years of industry experience with GUI and Web Applications designing. He is our in-house expert for OOP.

system programmer

The Hacker
Security Expert

His life is dedicated to the green and black of the Linux console. He is our in-house expert for systems programming and networking.

data scientist

The Brain
Data Scientist

He churns enterprise grade models for regression and classification. He is our in-house expert for statistics and machine learning.


The Professor
Veteran Educator

He has over two decades of experience in teaching computer science. He is our in-house expert for data structures & algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assuring 100% Satisfaction

How Does it Work?
It is as Simple as 1-2-3
  1. Send us your assignment via Email, WhatsApp or the below contact form, and get a quote.
  2. Deposit 50% of discussed amount, to get the work started.
  3. Once the assignment is completed, we will contact you with sample output/screenshot. You can then pay the remaining amount and receive the completed assignment files.
How Can I Pay for It?

You can pay via Paypal or card using a payment link. You have to pay half the amount to start the project, and the remaining half at the completion of the project.

How Much Does it Cost?
Our Prices Start at $20/hr.

Prices vary depending on the subject area, and complexity of the assignment. Deadline also affects the prices, as an urgent assignment requires more money.

You will receive a quote at the beginning itself, so there will be no surprises.

What About Confidentiality?

All Assignments are 100% Confidential!

We understand your need for confidentiality, thus we keep all our contracts 100% confidential (unless required by local law enforcement).

We are so committed to keeping our client’s details private, that we haven't included any client testimonials on our website, nor have be disclosed the identities of our experts. We do not disclose any information regarding the assignments. You can trust us!

Have You Missed any Deadlines?

We value our commitments, and do not commit to a deadline if we cannot meet it. We believe in under-commitment and over-delivery.

We do not let priority projects affect our non-priority project deadlines either. We choose to compromise with personal comfort instead of compromising with our commitments.

Do You Work on Urgent Assignments?
All the time!

Many clients try to give it a go themselves, and approach us rather close to the deadline after getting dissatisfied with the results of their own efforts. Unfortunately, we also have to observe some time constraints, and hence urge you to reach us before it is too late.

We are always available for priority assignments, although these are charged at a higher rate.

Can I Cancel a Project, and Get a Refund?

Since we start the work immediately after receiving the advance, and do not procrastinate (as we have to meet the deadlines); it's not possible to cancel the project after the initial payment. Accordingly, no refund can be provided.

However, if you inform us early, then we can stop the work immediately, and adjust the balance towards your next assignment with us.

What About Support after Code Delivery?

We do provide support towards the completed assignments after the final payment and code delivery. Usually, such support is in the form of any clarifying questions you may have. If any minor code corrections (not changes) are required, those are also done free of cost.

Such support is available for upto 2 days (for simple assignments), and upto 5 days (for complex assignments) after the delivery date.

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